Tempe Center for the Arts


About the TCA

Tempe Center for the Arts is a unique center of photography, videography,  performances, aesthetics, and meeting facilities. The performing halls have excellent accoustics.  The sound and lighting in the entire facility is breath taking.  


The interior and exterior are an attraction for photographers from around the world.  The unique use of a pool of water on the north east of the facility is very appropriate as it overlooks the Tempe Lake.

The unique artistic architecture of the building is also an attraction as people walk, run, skateboard, or just drive by to enjoy the ambience.

If you are only going to one exhibition this year..

There is an art museum in the facility that is free of charge.

Absolutely stunning...

The concerts and meeting can be scheduled the the front office.  Season tickets for the Tempe Symphony and other performing groups can also be purchased through the box office.